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The TKI Intermodal Story

Since their beginning, TKI Intermodal has undergone various transformations and changes, but one thing has remained the same – a family commitment to customers, quality and professional service.

TKI Intermodal’s history goes back to 1972 when Ken Harrington started welding tankers and repairing containers for the railroad industry.

In 1994 Ken negotiated a lease on 12 acres of land strategically located across the street from the CP Rail Twin Cities Intermodal Terminal. This made room for the ever-expanding repair and drayage business while having acreage to begin offering empty container depot services as well.

Ken would call it CONTAINERBASE!

In 2000, Ken purchased the land and the company name was shortened to C Base. In 2003, a 3,400-square foot maintenance and repair shop was built using – what else – shipping containers.

Ken’s children were introduced to the business at an early age and were key to its success and helping it grow. In 2004 he sold the business to his daughter, Tammie Swanson.

Tammie and her husband Tom continued to grow and innovate the business over the years. They went on to win “Depot of the Year” multiple times and grew the trucking division to become a leader in the 5-state region, all while making sure the employees were always their number one focus.

In 2016 Tammie and Tom sold C Base to Brian and Tim Kraemer, the owners of Tom Kraemer, Inc. (TKI) in Cold Spring, MN. The torch was passed from one multi-generational family owned business to another as TKI has been a family owned company since 1938. Brian and Tim mark the third-generation of ownership. Brian and Tim changed the name to TKI Intermodal in 2018.

Today, TKI Intermodal has the same family traditions of ensuring an employee first focus while offering innovative and industry-leading services!

C Base Depot & Transportationa
C Base Depot & Transportationa
C Base Depot & Transportationa

The TKI Intermodal Team

When you have an employee-first focus your customers benefit!

TKI Intermodal works hard to make sure their employees are given the tools they need to succeed, and they feel it’s the team that makes them unique. They work hard, they care and they want to be the best at what they do. At TKI Intermodal, the company focuses on “how” they do things, because it doesn’t matter “what” they do, its “how” they do it that will make the difference!

Brian Kraemer – Owner


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Tim Kraemer – Owner


Office: 612-782-9626

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Nancy Eppenberger – Transportation Manager


Proudly Serving Minnesota Since 1972.