Yard Procedure


General Rules

TKI Intermodal expects all drivers to adhere to DOT rules and regulations while on TKI Intermodal property, such as using hands-free devices, complete stops at stop signs and crosswalks, etc.

For the Safety of all persons’ and property, please refrain from making U-turns while on TKI Intermodal property.

A TKI Intermodal employee will need to be present and assisting (spotter) if backing up. Please refrain from backing up otherwise.

The speed limit is 5 mph while in the Inspection Zone. The Inspection Zone is all paved surface areas

The speed limit is 10 mph in all areas outside of Inspection Zone.

Lane assignments:

  • Gate entry from right to left: 20’s, 40’s, bobtail
  • Single lane gate exit. Refer to the sitemap.

Returning a Container/Chassis:

Drivers must disengage locks and open the right door of the container.

Clearance lights and flashers need to be on.

Chassis brakes will need to be released and tractor brakes engaged. Drivers may need to operate brakes 4-5 times, if needed.

Check in the C Base Depot office to sign in a container and/or chassis. Please have all required equipment numbers.

A C Base Inspector will place an orange cone in front of your cab door during the inspection process as a precaution. As such, we ask that you do not enter into the cab during this time for the safety of our inspector.

The Inspector will then notify you where to go for dismount. Refer to the sitemap, if needed.

Picking up a Container:

Check into C Base Depot office. Please have all booking numbers or release numbers.

The C Base office staff will direct you to a location for loading. Refer to the sitemap, if needed.

During pre-Inspection, keep a line of sight with the lift operator at all times and a keep minimum distance of 15 ft away. The lift operator will inform you once it is safe to approach the container for inspection. When your inspection is complete, please return to a 15 ft. minimum line of sight with the lift operator.

Once loaded, align the container rear just past the depot office stairs and park.

Check into the C Base Depot office for out gate paperwork. Please double check numbers to ensure proper unit for out gate.

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